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of these big programs do fail at the execution stage

and when they do, the executive owns the outcome. The problem is that projects with the highest visibility are usually the ones you have the least visibility into. With so many moving parts, they’re the hardest to monitor and manage.

We call this the Law of Inverse Visibility

The more visible the project, the less visibility you have into what’s going on with it.
They’re the hardest to monitor and manage. Why?

Your internal people can’t see everything that’s going on. They have little or no experience with engagements like this, there are too many moving parts, and your people are typically operating in silos anyway.

Your technology vendors can help some, but they don’t have full visibility into the people and processes around your implementation. Besides, they’re hardly an independent third party.

You don’t have full visibility into the project either, but you do have the full responsibility for its outcome.The last thing you ever want to hear a CEO say is, “I didn’t know what was going on in my company…” Especially, when you consider that 70-80% of these big programs fail at the execution stage.

How do you beat the Law of Inverse Visability?

First, you want a small, independent team of very senior people who’ve overseen projects like this before, know exactly what to look for, and can report directly to you.

Second, you want people on that team who have sat on both sides of the table – as management consultants and as senior business executives.

Third, you want full access to the best tools and frameworks for these major change initiatives. Some are tools the Big 4 firms won’t use, because they’d rather do things the old way to keep their billable hours up.

This three-pronged approach is what makes pmX so unique and so effective. That’s why senior executives at some of the world’s best known companies partner with pmX on some of their toughest change initiatives.

How well equipped is your organization to manage change?

Challenge the Law of Inverse Visibility by taking the self-diagnostic survey today to ensure that your high-risk, high-visibility change initiatives will not fail. You will identify potential barriers and hidden pitfalls in your organization by taking the survey, which will show you what it will take for you to succeed.

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