Our approach to executing business change initiatives is based on a framework of three fundamentals. Firstly and most importantly, providing our clients, typically senior business executives, with the visibility that they need to make sure that their change initiatives succeed where so many fail. Secondly, ensuring that we clearly understand our client’s own capabilities to undertake their change initiatives and only providing them with the discreet resources that they need to succeed – we want to empower our clients. And thirdly, ensuring that the results of the inevitable effort and disruption of a major change initiative produce long-term sustainable and beneficial business advantage.

The Law of Inverse Visibility

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Understanding Change Capabilities and Needs

If you want to beat the Law of Inverse Visibility, you need to understand what it will take to execute a successful change project and the first step is to understand your own organization’s change capabilities. At pmX we utilize a unique 3-step diagnostic assessment that is specifically designed to determine priorities, through a proprietary rating mechanism, identify capabilities and needs then make recommendations to support successful execution:

Step 1 - Rating Mechanism

Conduct top level assessment utlizing unique pmX rating mechanism tailored to individual client strategy and needs. Determine priorities based on change drivers, desired benefits, critical success factors and barriers.

The pmX rating mechanism has been designed with four key components to identify the critical change drivers:

Step 2 - Capability Evaluation

Assess programme capability requirements and development needs based on strategic initiatives and Step 1 Rating Mechanism output. Determine priorities and needs using pmX maturity charts.

Step 3 - Design and Recommendations

Design high level programme structure, approach and processes. Recommend capabilities and resource delivery model to support successful execution.

Ensuring Sustainable Transformation

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The pmX Philosophy – Knowledge Transfer

With our focus on providing clear visibility into your change initiative combined with the unique output from our pmX diagnostic assessment , we can work with you to rapidly deploy the tools and capabilities that will enable sustainable transformational change in your organization. Our approach is specifically tailored to your organization – augmenting what you already have, making sure that our knowledge is transferred to your people and ensuring that accountability and responsibility remain with you, not us.

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