Our partners

Our experienced team members are most efficient and effective when they have the right tools for the job. We don’t mean PowerPoint and Excel we mean sophisticated, proven technology designed by specialists. We have a wide range of strategic business partners who each bring a specific business competency, backed by a world-class technology solution.

pmX Logos_0018_Metapraxis

Metapraxis is the leading UK management information specialist. It has been the business partner of over 200 blue chip clients in 20 different industries and 4 different continents. Metapraxis works with complex businesses to transform management information into actionable insight using their propriety Metapraxis Empower software, which incorporates an ETL tool, a metadata management console, an OLAP engine and a dashboard analysis suite. This technology provides better decisions, faster and at a lower cost.



SourceDogg is a leading eProcurement and service provider offering the easiest-to-use procurement software experience globally. It has developed award-winning, cloud hosted procurement software aimed at anyone with purchasing authority in any business. The application is accessible and intuitive, allowing non-procurement experts and professionals alike to easily manage business spend, control contracts and find the right suppliers. SourceDogg has a unique blend of cloud software products and value-adding services that meet procurement needs with unparalleled speed, ease and cost-effectiveness.



Business Laboratory and their partner, Torus Business Web, perform scientific simulations and model-based analysis for businesses and government organizations. They have found that the best approach to solving business problems is to use the scientific method and process. The objective is to get the greatest possible reward for the least possible cost. This approach has been used successfully on all kinds of problems, from IT and resource optimization to real estate and site planning, supply chain analysis, product development bottlenecks and sales forecasting. In short, solving business problems using science.


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Gleeds are the defining construction consultancy and management experts – they have 125 years of experience and 50 offices worldwide. Their reputation for excellence is successfully propelling them into emerging markets. Through their web based project management system, Conject, they are able to manage the most detailed and intricate construction and development projects and are strategically aligned to assist clients with implementation.


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PCH is a healthcare consultancy specialising in strategy development, project planning and managing project delivery for healthcare organisations in the public, private and third sectors. They provide business development expertise and support to valued healthcare clients across the complex organisational landscape of the new NHS. PCH supports healthcare clients initiate change and business improvement through a structured approach to strategy development, planning and program management.


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Customer Plus is an award-winning customer experience consultancy. Specialising in strategy, research, training and communications, they work with FTSE100 companies, SMEs, local and central government and social housing to deliver better experiences and in turn greater profitability and VfM for organisations. Customer Plus uses a data collection and survey utility that enables web-based multi-channel, multi-language survey creation and distribution.



Alliancesphere helps businesses with their collaboration strategies through alliances and partnerships. Companies can’t go it alone any more – partner is now as essential as build or buy and is increasingly the correct strategic choice to unleash innovation, transformation and growth. Alliancesphere shapes collaboration by engaging clients, partners and customers to scale their partnering initiatives on a worldwide basis. Today, four of the world’s six largest IT companies rely on them, as do emerging innovators and some of the world’s leading companies.


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The Risk Assurance Platform (RAP) developed by Viral Apps is a comprehensive, highly configurable business and project management software solution, providing strong corporate governance and assurance that risks and issues are being effectively managed and controlled. This tool is highly configurable to each organisation’s needs and provides dashboard reporting with a multi-level security model and full audit functionality.


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KeyedIn supply cloud-based business portfolio and project management technology to enhance change programs with added control and visibility of risks and costs. Cloud-based software is flexible, responsive and cost-effective, which reflects the overall character of KeyedIn’s business solutions.