Software Implementation

Our Team have extensive experience in software implementation both from their own business experience and from guiding our clients through the latest upgrades and implementations. Exponential advances in technology over the past 20 years have created a dynamic and complex new world of software projects, presenting companies with an ever-growing array of management challenges. The ability of software companies and their business clients to adapt to these new challenges thus becomes crucial for organisational competitive advantage and survival.  

Karen Heaton, a pmX Associate with 30 years combined experience in Banking, Financial Services and Technology has written and published a paper that addresses the fact that despite everyone acknowledging the crucial nature of software implementations – projects keep failing! This is succinctly expressed in ‘Cobb’s Paradox’; we know why projects fail; we know how to prevent their failure; so why do they still fail? This paper explores the challenges companies face in software implementation projects and presents ways to use the learning from previous projects to lower the failure rate and improve the ability to deliver the required results. Using this knowledge and the complimentary pmX Organisational Capability Framework, our pmX team can help you better navigate this process, by assessing then implementing a comprehensive Organisational Change Management (OCM) plan, specifically tailored to your organisation. This will ensure that the desired benefits from a software implementation can be delivered and sustained with considerably less risk.